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Everyone is on earth to eventually fulfill their Soul Purpose. While each individual Soul Purpose is unique to that person there is a common thread that is fundamental – that each is here to become and express the Best Version of Themselves (to be authentic and in alignment with Universal Knowing). What is also fundamental is that NO ONE CAN ACHIEVE THAT EXPRESSION OF THE BEST VERSION OF SELF WHILE HOLDING ON TO THEIR PROGRAMMING OF BELIEFS.

What the trainings are about?

The trainings are all about learning how to fully express the best version of self. But the greatest resistance to that goal is the misunderstanding of what beliefs are, how those beliefs influence EVERY choice and decision we make (consciously or unconsciously) and especially how invested we are in holding on to those beliefs.

Everyone has a core belief that has influence over their lives

Everyone has a Core Belief to which all beliefs are connected in some way. Many have identified and worked on their beliefs but most have not done the essential work of identifying and releasing their core belief. Let’s say for example that one has 10 beliefs that have been identified and that you can rate the intensity of influence of each from one to ten with ten being the most influential to our thinking and acting. How many will work of the lowest rated beliefs and then convince themselves that they have done the work of releasing beliefs only to find themselves still caught up in old patterns of resistance?

Why 6 session-01

 Why 6 sessions?

The work of releasing our beliefs is critical to us fully ‘Being Authentic’ and that identifying the resistance to understanding and releasing those beliefs is so ingrained in us. Therefore, this workshop is divided into 6 sections of two hours each session. Each session builds upon the previous session so registration is for the six-session workshop-as-a-whole (one cannot register for individual sections).

What you will get:


What beliefs are and how they influence our choices, decisions and actions

Core Belifs-012

Identifying Core Beliefs and sub-beliefs


Identifying the source of Core Beliefs

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Understanding conscious and subconscious resistance to releasing beliefs

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Bill Dean

Bill Dean is a Master Trainer who has worked in the field of Personal Transformation since 1978. Bill has facilitated trainings throughout the United States, in Latin America and Asia. Bill has spent many years working with teenagers and parents. Over the last twenty years he has assisted over 25,000 teens and parents create a new family dynamic through the process of healing their own individual issues that leads people to dysfunction. From 2004 through 2009 Bill ran his own specialty school for “troubled” teenage boys at a facility next to his and his wife’s house in the Rocky Mountains. Bill brings his passion and compassion to all of his work. He leads the Discovery and Mastery trainings as well as providing teen trainings and Parent Workshops.

Releasing My Core Belief

In Six Sessions

8pm - 10pm

Zoom Cloud Meeting

  • 8th June 2020
  • 15th June 2020
  • 22nd June 2020
  • 29th June 2020
  • 6th July 2020
  • 13th July 2020
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Releasing Core Beliefs Online Workshop (In Six Sessions)

Releasing Core Beliefs Online Workshop (A Six Session Series)

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Group of Three Releasing Core Beliefs Online Workshop (In Six Sessions)

Group of Three Releasing Core Beliefs Online Workshop (In Six Sessions)

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