Living As A Warior

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The Way of the Warrior

In many traditions, the hero or warrior is regarded with honour as one who faces up to the vicissitudes of life and the inevitability of death with courage and equanimity. Over the ages, there has developed in the warrior a set of strategies for living life in the face of death. These strategies have evolved into codes of conduct which have transcended survival in battle to govern the daily life and comportment of the warrior.

Modern Life

As much as the Way of the Warrior has been romanticised in art and entertainment today, it still offers, at its core, a practice that can have a profound impact on the quality of our life. The challenges of modern life echo the demands of survival on the battlefield of old, although times of peace can have a stultifying effect that is at the root of much of the discontent in society today.

The Workshop

In “Living as a Warrior”, we look at what we can learn from the bearing of the warrior to enrich our experience of life. We begin with a physical movements practice that enables us to be present in the moment, moment by moment, as a warrior needs to be to be ready for anything that might happen. We then examine three other ways to live by which are fundamental to our learning to live with courage and serenity in the face of uncertainty in life and the inevitability of death. 


Who Should Attend?

Although there’s no greater gift than life, it is easy for anyone to fritter it away, without stopping to ask ourselves what we really want to achieve and how we want make this time that is given to us really count for something. Living as a Warrior can be a first step for anyone who wants to experience the courage and serenity that comes with being true to oneself and living authentically.

What people have said

  • During the “Living as a Warrior” workshop, which I attended online, I began to see the fears which had been holding me back from so much in my life for what they were, an illusion. As a result, I could start confronting my own fears and I could see the habits and patterns I had developed to resist and avoid them. My experience now is that I can face those fears and embrace them as opportunities for me to grow, and this has been liberating! The learning from the workshop that I can apply in my life today is how to live in the present, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, whether I am spending time with my family, or attending to my work, even when I am at play. I find myself able to be 100% engaged and having the power to create experiences of joy and bliss, and this is really priceless. I have also learned that surrendering to life as it comes at me does not mean giving up. Rather, it opens the way for me to persist and deal with my life’s ups and downs with the experience of joy in the midst of challenge.
    Natalie Soh, 35
  • The “Living as a Warrior” workshop was a new experience for me. What struck me the most during this online session was the realisation that “A Warrior takes everything as a challenge while the ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” That events are neutral, and that I can choose my interpretation of the event and my response to it. I also learned a new way to face life head-on, which is to “Expect nothing and be ready for anything”. The physical practice in the workshop showed me how to hold my body posture and to breathe from my centre, and I was surprise to experience a boost in my self-confidence and outlook on life. After attending this workshop, I feel that I am much better prepared for the possibilities and uncertainties on the road ahead.
    Arnold Yeo, 43
    Senior Manager, Global Purchasing

Human Potential

“We need passion. We need challenge and risk. We need to be pushed to our limits. And I believe this is just what happens when we accept a warrior's code, when we try to live each moment as a warrior, whether in education, job, marriage, child rearing, or recreation. The truth is that we don't have to go to combat to go to war. Life is fired at us like a bullet, and there is no escaping it short of death. All escape attempts - drugs, aimless travel, the distractions of the media, empty material pursuits - are sure to fail in the long run, as more and more of us are beginning to learn.”

- George Leonard

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KH Koh

Your speaker, KH, has been involved in experiential training for more than 10 years. In a previous life, he was a lawyer of more than 35 years standing. KH is a co-founder of Milestone Trainings and looks after our corporate programmes for companies and organisations.
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“A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvelous world, in this marvelous time.”

Don Juan, by Carlos Casteneda

Living As A Warrior

A Milestone Trainings Online Workshop

4 July 2020

8:00pm - 10:30pm

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Living As A Warrior

A Milestone Trainings Online Workshop
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