Blissful Living Series


Life is difficult. This is a great truth… because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.

One of the foundational learnings that you would have gained, beginning with the Discovery training, is that our avoidance of what we perceive to be the difficulties of life are a source of more difficulties we find ourselves faced with. And as we continue to wish, even insist, that life should be easy in the way that we think it should be, we create a vicious cycle of self limitation and sabotage.

What you resist persists

You may have heard this phrase used with reference to our creating the very negative experiences that we resist. Contrary to what our rational mind tells us, it is in surrendering to life as it unfolds, instead of continued resistance, that we will find the shift in our experience from stress, pressure, and conflict to harmony, ease, and inner peace.

Shoshin is a programme which offers you a six-month journey of discipline and daily practices, underpinned by four training weekends and tools which will help you to release the resistance—intellectual, emotional and physical—that keep you from rediscovering the ease and serenity that come from simply being in harmony with yourself, and with the flow of life.

Warrior or worrier?

You will have the opportunity also to conquer your inner fears with lessons from the ancient path of the warrior. As you do so, you make progress towards living life with more clarity and calm.

Chop wood, fetch water...

The discipline and practices in Shoshin are rigorous and span the entire six-months of the programme. This calls for a definite commitment from the participant, which is one reason for completion of the Legacy Programme, the Mastery training and a personal interview being prerequisites to enrolment in Shoshin.

Here are some of the results you may expect from participating in Shoshin:

  • You will be offered the knowledge and skills you need to serve as a powerful and effective coach for others.
  • As your experience of acceptance grows, you will feel more and more whole and complete, more at home within yourself and at one with the world.
  • You discover areas of resistance in your life and learn to release it.
  • You have the opportunity confront the fears that separates from fully engaging in life and learn how to conquer them
  • You embark on daily disciplines and exercises that train your intellectual, physical and emotional faculties for more consistent balance, focus and harmony.

Shoshin is the journey that takes Mastery on the road…

Shoshin is the creation and property of Keith Bentz, a master trainer, training designer, and trainer of trainers with 30 years in the field of experiential education.

Milestone Trainings Sdn Bhd is the exclusive provider of the Shoshin training in Malaysia.