Blissful Living Series

Do you sometimes feel that you just want the world to stop for a minute so that you can gather your wits together before plunging back into the non-stop maelstrom we call life?

Are you a go-getter, driven by success? Have you achieved personal and career goals that others can only dream of? And even with all your accomplishments, do you still find yourself feeling incomplete? Like there's still a secret to life that you're waiting to uncover?

Or do you feel beaten down, finding it more difficult each time to get going again? Do you feel, seeing how some other people cope, that there must be a way of coming out on top of life for a change?

What is it that could make a difference for you? Some people describe it as looking for peace or tranquility, or equanimity in the face of the storm, or mastery. Where do the masters in the art of life retreat to, such that they can face life so unruffled?

Some people might call this bliss...

Why the Blissful Living Series?

Do you sometimes feel like you're much better acquainted with one half of life than the other? That you see only one side of the moon, and often forget that there's a dark side? Do you find yourself, like so many people in our society, driven by yang or masculine energy—and neglecting the yin or feminine?

The Blissful Living Series is a programme designed to open up that other half of life that is often ignored, neglected or denied, sometimes at great cost to our mental and physical well-being and personal happiness.

This training series is in two parts:
  • Mastery gives you the opportunity to explore and uncover the distinctions that can start you on the road to mastery in your own life.
  • Shoshin is a six-month intensive programme that offers you a personal journey of discipline and practice in intimacy and mastery and learning in the art of living life moment by moment.
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