Advanced Living Series

Do you sometimes feel that life in the modern world seems almost within our control?

Does it not seem obvious that we have the technology to modify our living environment for our comfort and convenience and the freedom to indulge in luxury and whim?

But what if, despite the freedom and the means at your disposal, you have that gnawing feeling that there could be more?

Do you feel that there is still potential within you, untapped?

Do you have dreams and goals yet to be realised, or postponed from yesterday?

Or have you tried not to think about them, haunted by what could have been?

Whether you feel somewhat positive or somewhat pessimistic about your future, we may have something for you...

Why the Advanced Living Series?

How is it that the higher one climbs in sports or the performing arts the more one receives coaching?

And yet, in virtually none of the important aspects of our lives do we get such support. It seems as if it were taboo to suggest that human beings needed any education on how to live!

Well, taboo no longer!

Because the coaching that has helped thousands of people reach the highest levels of achievement in the sports arena and the corporate world is now available to you!

And it can help you get more out of life than you’ve ever got before!

The Advanced Living Series is a programme designed to advance your living skills, in communications and relationships, in career performance and in the achievement of your dreams and goals in life.

The programme is in three parts:

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We offer trainings designed to serve different people at different levels:

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Advance Living Series 113M (Mandarin) Advance Living Series 114 (English)
  • I have got to know about this ALS Training many years ago and I wanted to go but as usual I dragged myself for no reason. At some point, I've found myself stop growing for life and all my goals couldn't be achieved.

    I shared about this to my boss and she introduced me to go for this training and finally I decided to go after so many years later. In Dec 2017, I went through this training which get me found out the original version of myself. I can be a powerful woman from a little girl. I gained my personal power to pursue my goals that I wanted especially my family harmony. I become an inspirational woman to people around me and I've stand for my family unity even I'm the youngest. I have overcome my limiting mind set and self-doubt.

    I have Vision of my life and the World. Through ALS, I've learned the Power of Giving, Love, Care and Support unconditionally, connecting people with heart, seeing Choices and Possibilities and the most importantly is Human Being first regardless races, religions, belief, background and etc.

    Kanmani (Mani) (L68)
    Senior Finance and Operation Executive
  • My son Edwyn (L53) signed me up for the Discovery training in Jun 2017. I rejected him straight away. I told him I do not need this to change my life. Edwyn’s persistence and tenacity made me changed my decision. My “I know it all” attitude and conservative behaviour has limited my learning and I did not open up myself. I continue to Transformation training which get me to be the woman who know how to handle her own life. After one year, I decided to walk the 100 days legacy journey because what I thought I know does not work.

    My biggest breakthrough in ALS is building a stronger relationship with my husband. During this journey, I learned to love, communicate, care, listen, give and forgive. I faced a lot of breakdown and it is not easy, but I managed to shift and continue. I am always a conservative person when come to intimacy. I’m surprise I can do it and our relationship has improved.

    Secondly, let go of my guilt towards my passing daughter. I was blaming myself for the past 5 years for not loving and caring her enough. Through this journey I’m able to acknowledge myself that I am a loving, caring and responsible mother. Thirdly, I managed to take up the challenge of doing sales and have extra income until today. I put away my ego and be patient which is not easy.

    I’m applying what I have learned in this journey and always remind myself about my vision and goal.

    Alice (L84)
    Freelance Accountant
  • I have been a hardworking person for my life, my career and my relationship in the past for many years, but the result didn’t turn out to what I expected. I was starting to lose passion and joy about my life. I began to give up putting effort to my life.

    My best friends that I met for 10 years reminds me to come out of this cycle. I made my decision to join ALS because I wanted to change my life. My biggest breakthrough in ALS is I break my belief & thought that I’m not good enough and unworthy. I was afraid of being judged by other and leave behind by others, I always put a good guy image. So, I always et other people decide for me.

    In my ALS journey, I am getting back my power of choice, freedom, passion and joy. My life is getting back aliveness and I notice my result has changing from that point.

    In 90 Days of Legacy, I learned the efficient way on how to achieve goals, practice my commitment, make contribution to the worlds. I learned how to play a guitar and I can perform in public, my business sale raised up to 50% compared the previous past 6 years, I inspired my mother to do what she like as her hobby, relationship with my parent is loving now. I also found my purpose of life is to make the world a better place.

    Jonny Chan (L74)
    Car Workshop Owner
  • While working in Jaya One, I was always curious about Milestone training, because I always saw people there are very excited and energetic. I was approached by business associate of mine. She shared with me about the training, the way she expressed it made me very interested about it. Hence, I took the leap of faith and jump into risk.

    My biggest breakthrough in ALS is I’m able to open myself to people and accept the love from everyone. I’ve learned about why I’m always behaving on certain ways. I used to be an analytical person who always think and seldom take action due to overthinking. But I’ve learned to be passionate and courageous, just do it as things will fall into places.

    Throughout the journey, I’ve also learned the important of giving. ALS helps me a lot by understanding myself and translate the learning into my personal life & career. My relationship with my family, friends and colleagues have improved. As a Head of Sales in Real Estate Company, I’m able to be passionate and effective in leading my team thus produce tremendous results that I want. I created three times more of what my team usually did, resulting great overriding commission from sales during my legacy journey. It was really a WOW moment for me.

    GJ (L84)
    Head of Sales (Real Estate)
  • I joined ALS program in July 2018 because I wanted to find my life purpose, my direction, joy and authenticity in life. I thought I wanted to get something about “How to?” in this training.

    During this journey, I realized something from my past was still affecting my current life a lot. I found out in Discovery training that pass on of my aunt whom I was very close to made me afraid to commit in relationship. I was afraid people that I love would leave me again. Throughout my ALS journey I also discovered that my family relationship is very important to me and urgency is required. I learned also how to have respect and empathy with all life.

    During Legacy, I went to face my challenge that I avoided for 16 years, I went to meet my mother who I disconnected. I thought I would never see her again in my life. We have great conversation during our meet up, I choose to forgive her and most importantly I forgive myself. I feel relieve and I have my own power and control back. The most impactful and powerful thing I learned was being real and be truth to people and myself, I can be great. I can accept and have compassion towards others with my newfound sense of empathy.

    Jovie Ko (L80)
    Out of Home Advertising Consultant
  • The reason why I participated ALS is to experience my turning point in life. I would really want to be happy and I am curious what does true self really mean? I saw a lot of things in my life was gloomy because I think that I am not good enough. I thought that was my faith and I cannot do anything other than accepting it. I learned to acknowledge no one is perfect and everyone has flaws which made everyone unique and beautiful.

    The learning through ALS is amazing! I learn to see possibilities and options that I choose to ignore all this while. I learned that nothing is impossible if action is taken. My dream to do pole dancing were made real. I have got over all concerns and worries that I will fall off from the pole and injured myself, plus size girl cannot do pole are just my imagination. The step to make the dream realised regardless of what I have in mind, I just go ahead to do it.

    This journey made me realised that I am the one in control of what I want and who I want to be. I have the power to determine every moment in my life. Love and joy are simple, and it has always been around me all the time.

    Hui Chi (L82)
  • My life is working, that’s what I thought before I got enrolled into ALS. I have 3 properties, a nice car, stable finance, and Top Sales of my career. However, l wanted something more to excel in my life. I always think that I know everything, and l do not believe much in training. I was amazed by my enroller showing up and transformed from a soft-spoken person to someone full of courage, loving and caring charisma. I decided to go for ALS because I wanted to complete all stages to get the full benefits of it.

    I found back my power and love. I can connect and interact with people no matter who they are with ease. Now I do not hide in silence because I have breakthrough to speak out my mind. Hence my family accepted who I am, we enjoy our family moments together without judgement. We have great family gathering and relationship is close now, we confide in each other due to my loving and care showered on them.

    My life’s journey is still ongoing, ALS taught me how to become an excellent leader who is passionate, committed and giving. The joy of contributing community service at charity home is a valuable learning experience as well that l will always cherish my life.

    Sebastian Sam (L86)
    Team Lead (Properties)
  • Seeing my mother happier as a huge weight burden had been lifted off her shoulders after her Transformation Training sparked something in me. At that point of where I was, I wanted a personal sense of contentment, power and belonging. Eventually I thought, why not try ALS? I don't have anything to lose after all!

    Before ALS, I numbed myself from emotions and I couldn't connect with the people around me. My biggest breakthrough in ALS is to feel again and connect with my emotion instead of sweeping them under the carpet. I am now authentic with my family, friends and my partner. I have opened myself to dating after ALS and I can talk openly with my parents about my life.

    This journey has introduced many great friends whom I can give and receive support and challenge, they impulse me to keep going and achieving goals in my life.

    HOCK LEE (L76)
  • When I first heard about the Advanced Living Series, I was already pretty happy & strong, growing in my spiritual journey, having climbed out of a dark space called rock bottom and gone through a series of different, powerful experiential learning programmes, reading various books and learning from many teachers. I felt like I was healed but not quite whole, and I was seeking a deeper connection to some source of intuition or wisdom. After the Transformation Training I found what I was looking for, the courage and support that enabled me to resuscitate a passion that I had allowed to be suppressed for the longest time: Art. I broke out of my limiting beliefs which had kept me from seeing the monetisation of the outlet of my passion as a possibility.   What’s really awesome is that I’m achieving all this by embodying the highest version of me in all these areas through my magical relationships, my strong, healthy and fit body, my ever-growing art and dance practice, and my various wealth and humanity-building businesses and investments. It has been a powerful and fun stretch and I am conscious that I can and am and will be who I am meant to be. My vision is a world of empowered people living authentically in love and joy, and enjoying the life of their dreams. My mission is to inspire and empower people towards that vision. I do this because I’ve been through many versions of “hell” and yet have been able to reinvent myself, and enjoy many more versions of “heaven” while still keeping my feet on the ground, so much so that there is no longer “heaven” or “hell”. If I can serve others through what I have learned and am learning, being who I have become and who I am becoming, that would be a meaningful path for me
    Lena (L3)
    Self-taught intutive artist, Marketing and Communications Strategist, Business Owner
  • A young lady named Wei Yei, sweet and gentle as she was, was quite persistent in getting me to enrol in the Advanced Living Series programme. She shared with me how I could actually have more time and enjoy living my life while creating great results. I was really curious and decided that I would find out how this could even be possible. As it turned out, it was!   In the training, I learned the importance of acknowledging myself, and of appreciating the people who are with me in my success. This enables me, each time, to push my limits to win a even bigger goal. I took up corporate social responsibility for my business and worked at taking care of people who were in less fortunate circumstances. I initiated a movement called “#i3move”, which stands for a movement to “initiate, inspire and influence”. I can see there is so much that I can contribute. Just recently, I was nominated as one of Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians and earned a place among the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2016. We also became Dato’ Jonathan and Datin Alicia! Alicia and I - each having completed the training are now very close in our relationship. We have learned to communicate our thoughts openly and we can share freely whatever is in the depths of our heart. We appreciate every moment we have together and are committed to creating the experience of love between us. As I went through the training, I could see how important a role parents play in shaping the future of their children. I want our children to grow up to speak and share their thoughts freely and to be a leader in their own life. Meanwhile, I practise listening and patience when I am with them. Lastly, we have learned that by giving our love, support and contribution, we can make a difference to the people around us, to create an inclusive and caring society and from there, perhaps, having our country be that much better off. We want to continue to inspire and to share our love everywhere!
    Dato’ Jonathan Lim (L26), Alicia (L41)
    CEO and founder of the MMG Group of companies and a partner in Mastercraft Design Group
  • I was the “bad” boy you would not want to bring home to introduce to your parents and I was proud of that! There were too many bad habits and attitudes to mention, that I had taken on to appear “manly” in the way I thought was the right way to be. What I learned from the Discovery Training is that the personality that I presented to the world was not who I truly was. It was an image carved out from my past experiences in failed relationships and heartbreaks. The biggest breakthrough came about when I revisited my heart and was reminded about what a loving man I really am deep inside, a caring son and a trustworthy friend. From the Transformation Training, I regained my personal power and began to make choices to live and show up as a loving, caring and trustworthy man. Four years after completing Legacy, I am now an entrepreneur, a husband and a father-to-be! My relationship with my parents has never been better in my 30 years of life. I have made new friends who challenge me to constantly improve on what I do and who I become, all the time, and they keep me on track to achieve my goals and I do the same for them. Life is no longer filled with the gloomy and dreadful prospect of just getting by. It is now filled with joy, with so much to look forward to. And it all started with my simple willingness to stop, look and see the possibilities available, and then choose anew, which means that I have the opportunity always to live the best version of me. For that I thank Milestone Trainings from the bottom of my heart, for here is where I found me again!
    Yue Meng (L2)
    Online Entreprenuer
  • Eric Tan (L27)
    The process in Discovery was both eye and mind opening and I found myself revisiting the area that I had taken for granted and forgotten - to feel and to decide with my heart. It became possible for me to address that “judgmental” side of myself that was harsh and not able to listen, and to become more vigorous and conscious with my behaviour and my actions. My relationship with my family has since been improving continuously and my life has become purposeful and focussed on all the right things. It is really a ‘wow’ for me to have gained insight and a heightened awareness on things about myself, the conversations in my head, the constant drift I am in, and to become more rigorous in making decisions and choices, as well as seeing options that I never thought I had before. Of course, there are still times when I jump into making some decision but I am so much more able to pause and self-check before I blurt out or act on anything that I might regret later. And so, I continue to learn, and to Discover…
    Eric Tan (L27)
    Business Owner in the Agricultural Industry.
  • My name is Daniel Lo. I am 45 years old, a father of three, serving as a Special Officer to Senator Datuk Paul Low, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. In the world there are an estimated 27 million modern-day slaves. Yup! Imagine that! Just about as many people as there are living in Malaysia - all working and living as slaves. I faced huge challenges, working with an NGO to combat human trafficking. There were too many people to help, too many complications and just too few people working on the problem and not enough money. But that didn’t stop me. With all my mind and all my heart I gave it a 100%, yet every time, there were shortages and failings. I don’t think that I was being too hard on myself because deep down, I felt that there was something missing. I felt that I had greater potential that I wasn’t accessing. It was like there was a super mutant power that I had but couldn’t get in touch with. I needed a Professor Xavier to help me. I ended up joining the Discovery program first and then the Transformation and also the Legacy program. It truly lived up to their names - I discovered so much about myself. It was as though I was a stranger to myself all this time. My life - ME! - became exciting. This was a great introduction to go on and really do some work and transform myself and then to produce a legacy of which I could be proud. The Legacy part of the program is effectively 100 days of personal coaching with the support of your team. They will kick your butt and make sure you produce the results which you want. Whilst there were parts of my Chinese brain which said, “Aiyoh! Why so expensive?” I knew it wasn’t because there is no other program which can provide that kind of personal coaching for that price. It was like, “No need to think one! Actually, it is so cheap!”. Any other personal coaching program for 100 days would be tens of thousands of ringgit.
    Daniel Lo (L6)