Milestone Trainings consist of a team of trainers and communication specialists with more that 30 years of experience in developing and delivering high quality training programmes for individuals and corporate organisations.

Our objective is to provide leadership training by applying participant centered approaches to life-long learning and teaching.

We understand the need to focus on skills that boost productivity.
To this end we conduct :

  • targeted training for maximum ROI – we are affiliated with international trainers to provide specific skills needed for individual performance
  • training assessment to training deployment, we provide total end-to-end training execution tools, aiming to provide learning that fits and learning that lasts
  • at Milestone Trainings we work hard to ensure that all of our training content is researched and validated because we know you are counting on us for one thing: RESULTS

We help individuals move to their next level by realizing their potential and giving them the confidence to use their knowledge and wisdom to fully master their craft.

Participant confidence is unleashed with the right goals and right tool while focusing on when the most effective actions should be implemented to make your future much clearer.

Freedom is present when you experience the balance in life and work.