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Why is it so complicated?

There are so many dynamics at play in every relationship and it is when we lose sight of them that relationships seem overwhelmingly complicated.

Relationships is a weekend workshop which enables you to explore the most important factors that affect the outcome and your experience of your relationship with your significant other.

Perhaps the first key to lasting love is to fall first for yourself. The injunction to “love others as ourselves” requires that we learn to love ourselves first.

Some skills, such as the ability to listen with empathy are also called for which if we practise well will enhance the depth and richness of our relationships.

There are also the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies in intimate relationships which can often confuse when we are not mindful of them.

Learn to be real with another

Whether you are looking for a relationship, longing to rekindle the passion you once had, or wanting to be close to someone important to you, Relationships is designed to set you on your way to creating and nurturing a meaningful and lasting relationship with an intimate partner.

Here are some of the results you may expect from participating in Relationships:

• You learn to connect with yourself and with others with authenticity, intimacy and freedom.

• You explore the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies in all of us.

• You learn to relate to your partner with empathy and attention.

• You begin to experience courage in risking yourself in relationship with people important to you

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